Bullhide Belts Black Hercules Belt (SKU H100-BK)
Bullhide Belts Black Hercules Belt (SKU H100-BK)
Bullhide Belts Black Hercules Belt (SKU H100-BK)
Bullhide Belts Black Hercules Belt (SKU H100-BK)
Bullhide Belts Black Hercules Belt (SKU H100-BK)
  • SKU: H100-BK-32

Black Hercules Belt (SKU H100-BK)

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    Hercules Belt™ (Non Leather Belt)

    Named after the greek god of strength, our Hercules Belt™  is a virtually indestructible polymer belt with an internal polyester webbing. This makes the belt unbelievably tough, waterproof, easy to clean, and stronger than any belt in the world!  It gives you the appearance of wearing a leather belt with the strength to withstand harsh daily activities.

    If you work in the elements and go through belts left and right, this is the belt for you.  This belt is built like a tank yet flexible and comfortable to wear.

    • 4500 PSI high tensile strength.
    • Will not stretch 
    • 1/8" thick yet super strong
    • Belt holes will not elongate
    • Easy to Clean
    • Water Proof / Salt Water (Sweat) resistant
    • Anti-Microbial, will not retain germs.
    • Moisture-resistant / Absorbs Nothing
    • Abrasion-resistant / Scratch resistant
    • Flexible in all temperatures
    • Lightweight yet super strong.
    • Textured to give you the appearance of wearing a leather belt.
    • Will not retain odors
    • Will not crack
    • With normal use this belt should last a lifetime!
    • USA Handcrafted to last.


    • The thickness is consistent at approx. 1/8"
    • Available in belt sizes 32 to 56 inches.
    • Heavy Duty Nickel Hercules Buckle with built in keeper (pictured)
    • Made with black Chicago screws.
    • 1-1/2" wide
    • 9 holes, spaced 3/4"
    • Creased edge, meaning there is a accent creased line along the sides of the belt. 
    • USA Made

    Hercules Belt name and logo are trademarks of Bullhide Belts, LLC.  The Hercules mascot and logo are copyrighted and may not be used or reproduced under intellectual property law. All Rights Reserved.

      Belt Sizing Directions:

      QUICK METHOD: Pants Waist Size + 2 Inches = Belt Size
      Pick a pair of pants that fit well and add 2 inches to the waist size on the tag to get your belt size.  Example: If you wear a 36 pants... order a 38" belt size.
      Firearm Carry: If you are using the belt to carry a firearm we recommend adding 4 inches instead OR for the best fit measure your current gun belt using the perfect fit method below.

      PERFECT FIT METHOD: Lay your current belt flat on a smooth surface and measure it from where the buckle attaches to the leather (the fold) to the hole most used. Order that belt size (round up if you measure odd).  For example if you measure 37" or 38", order a 38" belt size.
      It doesn't matter if you wear your belt in the last hole, we will make your new belt measure to the center hole as shown in the graphic below.
      This is the best method and only takes a moment to measure.

      Belt Sizing Graphic

      Sizing Notes: Belt size is not the total length of the belt. We have a 0.5% return rate so our method does work well. We do however offer returns if you have a sizing issues. Please visit our return policy page for more details.

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