Customers love our products so much, they email us great testimonials without us asking for one.  Keep them coming, they make our day!


"I've been looking for a belt manufacturer that offered a dress belt that was of decent quality and fairly priced. The market is littered with pretenders and "designer" belts that last about a year and cost three times what I paid for my BullHide Belt purchase. What I got was a dress belt that to the best of my knowledge is the best belt that I have ever held in my hand, looks incredible, and probably could tow a trailer if the need arose. It is very refreshing to find the few good USA based manufacturers that keep the American spirit alive. Thank you very much, and I'll certainly be back for any applicable leather goods that I need. If you're not sure you found the right manufacturer, I'm a mechanical engineer by trade, demand the best of everything that I buy, and leave no detail unnoticed. Go ahead and purchase what you need here; you will be blown away when it gets to you."
-Robert Snader

"You Guys Rock!  have two of your belts. I bought a black belt for a gun belt and I liked it so much I wear it every day. Then I added a brown belt so no matter what I'm wearing I have a Bullhide Belt on! The belts are 3 years old and look brand new. The 3/4 inch hole spacing is great after those big meals. Keep up the good work!"
-Jim Ashton

"Most people say that a belt is a belt. From the moment I tightened my new Black Celtic Bullhide Belt I can easily say this is a lie we tell ourselves to justify not paying for quality. I have never had such comfort from wearing a belt before and I know now what I've missed out on. Because of it's heavy duty design it takes the weight of my conceal carry weapon rig with ease so that I am not constantly having to adjust it or my pants. I know and can say with confidence that this belt will last me for years of daily use. Can you say the same for your off the rack belt? Or any other belt you've owned?"
-Peter Smith

"I received my Bullhide Belt yesterday. I want you to know that this is the best belt I have ever owned. It fits perfectly, which is more than I can say from another one I ordered from one of your competitors and rest assured I won't make that mistake again. The quality and workmanship on your belts are second to none. Thank you for tending to business.

-Bob Bellipanni Sr.

"What can I say that hasn't already been said about the quality and workmanship of your belts. I just received my Brown Basket Weave belt.  The leather belt is simply the best I've ever seen.  It's the perfect size and fit, and will probably out live me!! They're are NO finer leather belts out there that can compare with your belts for ALL occasions. Thank you again for your top of the line belts, and the superb workmanship that goes along with each belt you sell."
-Ron Ludwin

"I just received my Bullhide Belt. It is absolutely the finest belt I have ever seen or owned. I am looking at your product against a competitors, which I had outgrown, and can not believe the difference! They claim a 1/4" thick and, I have the plastic insert in between, but next to each other yours is thicker. It also seems to be softer as well. I am so happy I went with your product I might get a second. Thank you for making an excellent belt. Let's hope I don't grow out of this one!"
-Michael Schulte

"Just wanted to tell you all that I have been wearing my Bullhide Belt almost everyday since I purchased it.  The belt is in the same condition now as it was the first time I put it on. Your belts are QUALITY and well worth the price for the unique hides.  I plan to buy my son one once he tells me what type he wants.
-Stephen S.

"I received my gun belt today and I am very pleased. I was in Law Enforcement for 26 years and it has been a long time since I have seen or worn a belt of such high quality. It has the bulk & thickness to hold a holster in place and is also pliable & very comfortable. I am so glad I found your site and will tell my friends & associates about the quality of your products & customer service."
-Rich Jacobson

"As soon as I opened the box, I realized that I had purchased something special. From toe to buckle your product exudes quality. It is better made than any belt I have seen at any price. It is obvious that it was built to last. All my other belts are rendered obsolete by comparison. If I buy another belt in the future, it will be one of your belts in a different color or style. I am certain that it will last the rest of my life, being 63."
-Rob Hutchins

"I was looking for a belt suitable for concealed carry and decided to try Bullhide Belts. I selected a belt 1-3/4" wide and 1/4" thick. I was expecting it to need quite a bit of break in until it was comfortable. Wow, was I wrong. The belt I received was pliable and comfortable right out of the box. Great quality, supports my weapon properly, and made in the USA. I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase."

-C. Sawatski

"I just received my order of 2 double thickness gun holster belts. I am very pleased, not only with the quality of the belts, but also with the quality of the workmanship. You have a customer for life. I am a career State Police Officer and I will order belts from you into perpetuity. I will also tell all my colleagues of your product and recommend they purchase products from you as well. Thank you for making a quality product and supporting. This is one of the things that makes America Great."
-Robert Hardcastle

"I've ordered belts in the past from one of the other main belt guys on the web at slightly higher prices, and I think yours are far superior. The feel of the leather and richness of the color is outstanding. For future belt needs I'll only be going to your site from now on. Excellent USA made product that I will have for a long, long time."
-Thomas Place

"I bought a Black Stitched Edge Double Prong Belt, and this is by far the best belt I have ever owned. I must admit I was a bit set back paying $88 for a belt, but now that I have it and am wearing it I can say the money was well spent."
-Kenneth Harden

"I am 76 years old and the belt you sent me has to be the BEST ever. Thank you for making such a fine product, you can be very proud. I can't say how happy I am to have found you before I leave this earth."
-Paul Pagley

"I just received the belt I ordered. It is absolutely fantastic! I was very tired of buying cheap fake leather belts that were made in China. I am so happy I found your company! Your sizing information helped me choose the correct size and the finished product I received is perfect! I will be ordering more belts in the future!"
-Michael Wujek

"I just wanted to say that my entire experience with your company has been nothing but amazing. Your website is very user friendly and my order was placed basically in about 15 minutes of deciding what I wanted to the time I submit the order. Once I received my belt I noticed immediately the amazing quality in your product. As you can see from my belt length I am quite a big man and well all the other belts I have bought in the past were complete garbage. So I just wanted to let you know that I have all ready spread the word about your company and the quality of your product."
-Paul Morneau

"I just got my order for my 1-3/4", double pronged belt. I tried it on. I examined it closely. This is the single best belt I have ever owned! It also makes me happy to buy from an American company that pays their employees a living wage. It was this reason that brought me to your web site to begin with. This belt is of unsurpassed quality. I am beyond completely satisfied!"
-Michael Scully

"I have worn your money belt now for a few weeks. Black and brown money belts and they are so comfortable and great fitting I wish I had known about you many years ago. I know these belts will out last me by a hundred years I really feel they will. But I just love how nice they fit around the waist just a great feeling to wear your belts. I really want to thank you for your great craftsmanship of these belts. Anyone can make a belt but it takes the smart know how to make a great belt and that's what you have great craftsmanship."
-Steven Lewis

"I was so tired of belts that wore out, folded over, and just plain were uncomfortable. I ordered the Hercules Belt and it came so fast I can hardly believe it was custom made for me. What a great belt. It looks good, it doesn't fold over, and it's easy to clean. At first I thought I might have made a mistake, because it's so thick and heavy I was sure it would be uncomfortable to wear. Well, it's a lot MORE comfortable than the flimsy department store belts that are thinner and lighter and twist and fold on you. I buckle it on and it feels light as a feather. I love this belt and I'm going to order more, for my husband and son. Love that it's made in America-great to see quality from a proud company here in the U.S.A."
-Pandra Selivanov

"Absolutely PERFECT in every way!! No mumbo jumbo measuring nonsense like I saw on other belt sites, yours actually works and the belt pleased me so much I just ordered another one in a different color. Thank you for your top notch product I will wear them proudly."
-Stephen Ham

"Just received my belt. WOW! I'm impressed! Finally a belt that is made right. The belts in the department stores are like 'reconstituted' leather that they break and crack on first use. I was so frustrated with not being able to purchase a quality belt at any price. Even bigger plus! IT IS MADE IN THE GOOD OLE USA! Take that China!"
-John Wheeler

"Ordered my first belt from you almost one year ago. This is absolutely the best belt I have ever owned. Quality surpasses anything and everything I had ever seen before. After almost a year, it looks almost new. Just ordered my first wallet from you. If it is anything like the quality of the belt, and I expect it will be, I will be extremely happy. I buy made is U.S.A. every time I can, and it is a pleasure to do business with you."
-John Sweeney