Belt Sizing Directions

Please follow the directions below to figure out your belt size from us. We have a 0.5% return rate so our method does work well. We do offer returns if you have a sizing issue. Please visit our return policy located on the bottom of our site for more details.

PLEASE NOTE:  Belt size is not the total length of the belt.  Our belt size is measured from the fold (where the leather attaches to the buckle) to the middle hole. That should give you a few holes on each side to go up or down in size. DO NOT order based on your belt size from another brand. Our sizing may be different then store bought belts.

PREVIOUS CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE We changed our sizing directions on Feb. 13th, 2018 to a more standardized method. All belts purchased before this date are marked a different size, so you will need to measure your belt using the method below to figure out your new size from us.  Your new size will likely be 2 inches shorter than your current size from us.  Ex. Our belt size 40 before would be a 38 now.


Bullhide Belt Sizing