About BullhideBelts.com

From the caliber of our products to our customer service, we are craftsmen of quality. Our leather goods are made in the Midwest by communities steeped in traditional American values. The age-old processes and handcrafted techniques reflect the workmanship of master leather smiths of a bygone era.

BullhideBelts.com is one of America’s largest belt manufacturers. Since our inception in 2010, we have experienced overwhelming, positive customer feedback and demand. Because the bedrock of our company rests on family values, we will not sacrifice quality for growth. The company’s founder, Eric Moore, still answers each inquiry himself to ensure the highest standard customer care.

Our product line has expanded to include exotic belts, cell phone holsters, wallets and more – all proudly made in America’s heartland. Today BullhideBelts.com continues to add specialty items such as guitar straps, dog leashes and leather fly swatters.

Each belt is built with Buckle to Tip Excellence™, authentic craftsmanship, and with as much character as you. No need for gimmicky guarantees or ostentatious promises. The expert craftsmanship is built to last with real full grain leather – No Bull, Just Leather™.

Each piece ships in about 1-2 days direct from our leather shops.

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About the Founder

Frustrated and tired with belts that cracked and ripped, Eric Moore’s journey led him to a master leather smith who crafted a full-grain leather belt unlike anything he had ever seen. He instantly recognized the workmanship as something truly special.

In awe, Eric reveled as each strip of hand-cut leather was artfully transformed into a unique belt. The quality was in stark contrast from other skimpily mass-produced belts that fell apart, exposing cheap fillers.

Eager to help people connect with better-quality-made leather solutions, Eric set out to make exceptionally crafted belts and products accessible to people across our great nation. His mission is to provide master-crafted, USA-made leather goods at reasonable prices to directly benefit American communities and families.