Quality Guarantee

BullhideBelts.com are solid, sturdy and built to last. Because we use full-grain leather with quality stitching and durable fasteners, your product should remain a quality wardrobe staple for many years to come, provided you follow our Leather Care Guide.

If your purchase is defective in material, workmanship—anything—contact us immediately upon receipt and we’ll make it right. sales@bullhidebelts.com

Real leather becomes enhanced with a natural patina over time. As the product ages, this creates a natural darkening and soft sheen to leather goods. Slight color variations are normal. If you frequently wear your belts in harsh elements or conditions, consider our non-leather Hercules belts, which do not require the same level of care as authentic leather.


  • Our Quality Guarantee covers Craftsmanship Failure, Material Failure, and Manufacturing Defects. The guarantee covers all BullhideBelts.com products purchased directly from us through our website or other online platforms. We do not guarantee products purchased through third parties.
  • Damages from misuse, abuse, neglect, acts of god, and accident, including losing your product, are not covered. Items that have been altered including adding holes, hardware, self-customizations, or resizing a product, are not covered.
  • Real leather products will contour to your waist; therefore, we cannot guarantee a belt’s indefinite stiffness and straightness. We also cannot replace belts with a new size due to weight fluctuation.
  • Caring for your product is important. See our Leather Care Guide. We cannot replace belts that have been exposed to excessive sweat, oils, water, non-leather cleaners and the like, or that has endured heavy abuse and scratching, marring and nicking.
  • Hardware, screws, and keepers are not covered, but can be purchased at wholesale cost on our website. If you need a repair that is not covered under our Quality Guarantee, we will do for a nominal fee. Typical issues can be fixed for $10-15. Contact us for more details.
  • If the product is no longer available and cannot be repaired, we will offer a one-time replacement with the next closest product available in the same size. Old orders we normally offer a discount on a new item. We need to find your order in our system and can typically search by order number, email address or name. 


We will assess each product for its repair or replacement value. Proof of original purchase is required. We normally keep orders for at least six years in our system and search by customers email address. Customers are responsible for shipping to return products to BullhideBelts.com; we will return the item free of charge.

  1. Contact us by email at sales@bullhidebelts.com with “Guarantee” in the subject line.
  2. Include a photo of the issue, your full name, shipping address, and original order number. We can normally search our database with an email address.
  3. Wait to receive a Return Authorization Number before shipping your merchandise. Depending up on the product and nature of the issue, we’ll determine the best workshop in which to return it.
  4. Upon receipt, we will conduct a repair or replacement value assessment. Repairs are done by hand so please allow our craftsman time accordingly.


  • Belts Constructed with VELCRO® Brand Fasteners
    We use industrial strength VELCRO® which has a lifespan of approximately 3,500 to 10,000 openings and closings. We have not made VELCRO® fastener belts for many years but are unable to replace VELCRO® on old belts.
  • Money Belts
    Money belts have a 3-year warranty for stitching that does not include the zipper. To maintain the shape and quality of your money belt, please do not overfill it and force the zipper open and shut.
  • Snakeskin Belts
    We are unable to warranty scale loss on snakeskin belts. Normally snakeskin is very durable, but due to its nature scale loss can happen if it gets caught on an item or if the belt is not handled with care. 
  • Location
    This warranty covers all products shipped within the United States. International orders are not warrantied. To ensure quality, all products are carefully inspected three separate times before they are shipped. Wholesale orders and products sold by other vendors are not covered under warranty.

Email us at sales@bullhidebelts.com if you have any additional questions regarding warranty coverage.

BullhideBelts.com may update its guarantee and other policies from time to time. They are always accessible on our website.