Gun Holsters


The Leather:  Leather is gauged by ounces; each ounce is a 1/64th  of an inch. When ordering leather you may order a side of leather in a 9-10 ounce but the tolerance is one ounce on either side so you could receive an 8-11 ounce hide. When making a holster out of the lighter part of the leather it won’t be the same inside measurements as one built with the heavier part of the hide. Bullhide Belts buys and pays more to have GRADE A leather cut down to an even 10 oz. so each holster is exactly the same size on the inside for the pistol it is intended for. We do a light molding on the holster so not to damage the leather fibers, we believe in letting the firearm naturally form the leather for a more perfect fit and longer life.

Experience:  Our master leather craftsman has over 25 years experience making high-end leather goods. His clients have waited up wards of a year to have a custom holster made by him. We are proud to partner with him to ensure every holster built has that WOW factor.

Coming Soon:  We will be offering straight hang and brown holsters soon.