Bullhide Belts Western 3 Piece Buckle Set (1-1/2
  • SKU: 6046-WESTERNSET-112

Western 3 Piece Buckle Set (1-1/2" Wide)

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    Western Buckle Set Details:

    This buckle set is sold as a replacement for our western belt (SKU 1020). The buckle and keeper is easily attached to most belts by unscrewing the Chicago screws. The tip however requires a skilled craftsman to attach with screws. You may have to cut the leather tip to get it to fit on your belt. The tiny screws on the back of the tip screw into the leather to hold it in place and should be glued or sealed so they don't back out. You need to pre-drill the leather tip so the set screws go through the leather.
    We can not guarantee it will fit on your belt so please ask questions or consult a professional before cutting and attaching the metal tip to your belt.
    • Western 3 Piece Buckle set (Matching Buckle, Keeper, and Tip).
    • Available in 1-1/2" wide.
    • Only fits belts that are 3/16" thick (Will not fit 1/4" thick belts)
    • The width size is the inside of the buckle where the leather goes.
    • This is for an extra buckle only. Chicago Screws sold separately. 

    Note: We sell hardware at cost to use with our products. Hardware is non returnable. We can not guarantee they will work on all belts since prong slots and holes can be different sizes. Please email us with any questions.



    Please follow the directions on the video to calculate your belt size from us. We have a 0.5% return rate so our method does work well. We do offer returns if you have a sizing issue. Please visit our return policy located on the bottom of our site for more details.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Belt size is not the total length of the belt.  Our belt size is measured from the fold (where the leather attaches to the buckle) to the middle hole. That should give you a few holes on each side to go up or down in size. DO NOT order based on your belt size from another brand. Our sizing may be different then store bought belts.