Brown Leather Molded Gun Holster - FBI Forward Cant - Brown Stitching - Left Handed
Brown Leather Molded Gun Holster - FBI Forward Cant - Brown Stitching - Left Handed
Bullhide Belts Black Leather Molded Gun Holster - FBI Forward Cant - Black Stitching - Left Handed
Bullhide Belts Black Leather Molded Gun Holster - FBI Forward Cant - Black Stitching - Left Handed

Brown Leather Molded Gun Holster - FBI Forward Cant - Brown Stitching - Left Handed

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    OWB Molded FBI Style Forward Cant Details:


    USA Made quality at its best! The leather we use to produce our USA made holsters comes from one of the top USA tanneries in the country. They have been producing quality vegetable tanned leather for over 150 years and are well known for producing quality hides that have depth of color and rich patina. Simply put the leather we use not only endures, but also gets better with age.

    Turnaround Times:  Each holster is made to order to the gun model you choose on the dropdown menu.  Our goal is to ship gun holsters within 2-3 weeks.  Turnaround times can vary depending on our workload and may take up to 3-4 weeks in some cases. Your patience is appreciated.

    Available Gun Sizes:  Choose your gun model by using the dropdown menu on this page. We will custom mold the holster to the gun you choose so please double check details during checkout for accuracy. 

    • Premium USA Full Grain Leather Molded Holster (10 Ounce).
    • Brown color. This is a beautiful shade of brown but is a lighter brown than our brown gun belts. It contrasts nicely though.
    • Left Handed (See our other listings for right handed)
    • This holster comes with a forward cant and full barrel coverage for your exact gun model.
    • Rounded and smooth edges. No hard sharp corners like machine pressed imports.
    • Keeps gun close, flat, and tight to your body for sturdy carry.
    • Holster slots will fit up to a 1-3/4" wide belt.
    • Expertly stitched in heavy weight brown nylon thread.
    • 3 Year Limited Warranty - Visit the bottom of our website for warranty information.
    • USA Made by our master leather craftsman with over 25 yrs. experience.

    QUALITY IS OUR PROMISE:  We understand there are many holster companies on the market, this is why you should choose us:

    1) The Leather:  Leather is gauged by ounces; each ounce is a 1/64th  of an inch. When ordering leather you may order a side of leather in a 9-10 ounce but the tolerance is one ounce on either side so you could receive an 8-11 ounce hide. When making a holster out of the lighter part of the leather it won’t be the same inside measurements as one built with the heavier part of the hide. Bullhide Belts buys and pays more to have GRADE A leather cut down to an even 10 oz. so each holster is exactly the same size on the inside for the pistol it is intended for. We do a light molding on the holster so not to damage the leather fibers, we believe in letting the firearm naturally form the leather for a more perfect fit and longer life.

    2) Experience:  Our master leather craftsman has over 25 years experience making high-end leather goods. His clients have waited up wards of a year to have a custom holster made by him. We are proud to partner with him to ensure every holster built has that WOW factor.

    Break In Period:  Your gun may fit snug when it arrives but the leather will relax and break in as you use and wear the holster. We believe in letting the gun break the holster in naturally as not to damage the leather fibers. 

    If you want to speed up the break in period, put your unloaded gun in a Ziploc® plastic bag (to add a little thickness) and put this in the holster as far as you can. After a few days, work it in and out, each time in a little further until it’s fully seated. We do not recommend any products to break in the leather.

    Legal:  Bullhide Belts LLC is not responsible for the use, misuse, mishandling, or careless us of firearms when using our products. Firearms are dangerous. Make sure to read all instructions and take training and classes to handle firearms in a safe manner.  Always practice your draw with an unloaded gun.




    Please follow the directions on the video to calculate your belt size from us. We have a 0.5% return rate so our method does work well. We do offer returns if you have a sizing issue. Please visit our return policy located on the bottom of our site for more details.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Belt size is not the total length of the belt.  Our belt size is measured from the fold (where the leather attaches to the buckle) to the middle hole. That should give you a few holes on each side to go up or down in size. DO NOT order based on your belt size from another brand. Our sizing may be different then store bought belts.