Price Changes And Sales

We understand the frustration of buying something online and then it's on sale shortly after.  As a small company making USA Made products, we have to be able to run specials and promotions from time to time in order to keep our employees busy.  

We sometimes get deals from tanneries that allow us to run a sale on a specific product for a short amount of time.  We also try to run a sale once or twice a month where we choose a style belt and do a small discount on it.  When we choose one style belt, we can collect all those orders and make that item in a large run that week. This allows us to get the price per unit down since it's less costly for us to make 500 of something then one or two for your order previous to the sale.

When it comes to price changes, we are not able to adjust past orders for the price difference.  We have the same policy as other "large" companies such as Amazon.  The sale price is valid during the sale event only and we are just not able to refund past orders for the reasons stated above.  Thank you for your understanding.