Black Hercules 6 Foot Dog Leash USA Made (Stainless Steel Hardware)
Black Hercules 6 Foot Dog Leash USA Made (Stainless Steel Hardware)
Black Hercules 6 Foot Dog Leash USA Made (Stainless Steel Hardware)

Black Hercules 6 Foot Dog Leash USA Made (Stainless Steel Hardware)

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    Hercules Leash™ (Non Leather)

    Named after the greek god of strength, our Hercules Leash™  is a virtually indestructible polymer with an internal polyester webbing. This makes the dog leash unbelievably tough, waterproof, easy to clean, and stronger than any leash in the world!  This leash is similar to our #1 Selling Hercules Belts.

    We paired this 5/8" wide,  6 foot leash with a high quality stainless steel swivel bolt to clip to your dog's collar.  We don't use plated hardware like the other leashes on the market so it will last!

    • 1000 pound break strength (per inch of width). Will handle a large dog with no issues.
    • Will not stretch 
    • 1/8" thick yet super strong
    • Easy to Clean
    • Water Proof
    • Anti-Microbial, will not retain germs.
    • Moisture-resistant / Absorbs Nothing
    • Abrasion-resistant / Scratch resistant
    • Flexible in all temperatures
    • Lightweight yet super strong.
    • Will not retain odors
    • Will not crack
    • USA Handcrafted to last.


    • The thickness is consistent at approx. 1/8"
    • This listing is for BLACK.  We also have it in brown and neon orange on our site.
    • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Swivel Bolt (pictured)
    • Swivel bolt and handle is double stitched with heavy weight nylon thread for lasting durability.
    • 5/8" wide.  This is the perfect width to feel comfortable in your hand.
    • 6 foot long
    • USA Made

    * Approx 70-72 inches long including the handle and swivel bolt.

    Hercules Leash name and logo are trademarks of Bullhide Belts, LLC.  The Hercules mascot and logo are copyrighted and may not be used or reproduced under intellectual property law. All Rights Reserved.



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