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Just a few words of praise for Bullhide Belts. Incredible products for a fair and reasonable price. I have purchased two in the past and have today purchased a third. I expect these belts to outlive me as, they are superior products. I have shown these belt to Manuel here in Nashville and he has commented on the superior quality of these belts. For those who don't know, Manuel has designed clothing and wardrobe for everyone from John Lennon and Keith Richards to President Eisenhower, and every country music star in Nashville. Hard to get a better endorsement than that. I hope that one day Manuel will have cause to do some custom work using Bullhide Belts.
-Dr. Tom

To my pleasant surprise, the belt was in my mail box when I got home.  All I can say is WOW!  This is a belt and I mean a REAL belt.  Hands down the best belt I have owned in my life (44 yrs old).  I bought this for IDPA\full size 1911 (5" bull barrel) and it carries my weapon and gear incredibly.  Can't wait to get out to the next match with it. The Desantis, will be going back...  I am glad I found you guys and I will be spreading the word.
William Hutchison

It was so refreshing to find your site!! Being able to purchase top quality American made goods now a days is very hard to find. I received the large dress belt in brown, and it is absolutely wonderful! I have shown and told some of my co-workers about your quality products, and will continue to pass the word along to friends and family. I was so tired of buying belts that only last a year or so, and I can tell very easily that this belt will last 20 to 30 years, and it looks fantastic as well. Bravo to you at BullhideBelts.com!
-Don McFarland

Got my belt a couple of weeks ago. I could not be happier!! Thank you so much. You make a very high quality product!
-Eric Montgomery

WOW!! I received my belt today and I'm just blown away. I've owned many a belt in my 60 year's and a few came close to a couple hundred dollars. The quality and craftsmanship of your belt is without a doubt the best I've ever seen. BULLHIDE BELTS made in the U.S.A!!

If this Superbio belt lasts years of me sweating, motorcycle riding in cold and heat, block laying and other hard work, I will write again and let you know. Given how many belts I have destroyed, your belt will save me money in the long haul.
-Richard Jessen

I received my horsehide belt today.  This belt is amazing.  The quality is great, the leather is supple, and it fits exactly like my other daily belt did.  All other sites make a big deal about measuring the belt and sending in those measurements. Bullhidebelts.com sizing was perfect...literally, the hole I used on my old belt is the middle whole on the new one, exactly.  Amazing.
-Mike Stone

I bought a belt from Bullhidebelts.com because I was tired of my belt falling apart after maybe 2 months (if that). I am mid twenties and wear baggy jeans and well a good belt is hard to come by.  I saw my friends brother who is a police officer gearing up getting ready for work and when I saw him putting on his belt it looked pretty heavy duty. I asked to see it and well I knew it was quality just by how much it weighed, and when I saw it was one solid piece of leather not glued or stitched together, I was sold. I can honestly say this is the best belt I have ever owned and the only reason I would buy another one is for a different color or style or possibly a gift. This belt will last you a lifetime!
-J. Bollette

Just to complement you on the outstanding work you produce. I have only the bullhide, the cobra skin, water buffalo, elephant and crocodile.
-David Olson

I cannot say enough about Bullhide Belts.  I have been looking for quite a while for a good gun belt to support the weight of my IWB holster on one side and extra mags on the other side.  I found your website and ordered a 1-1/4" belt.  When I received it, it was too long (my fault) and I called to get a return authorization.  Without hesitation I was given a return authorization, returned the belt, and was sent the smaller size within a week.  I've been wearing my new belt for about a week and I cannot get over the difference between this quality belt and the department store belt I was using.  This belt is nearly 1/4" thick, this is a VERY high quality belt and it supports the weight of anything I carry on it which can at times be my Glock in an IWB holster, extra mags, Leatherman tool, flashlight, cell phone, and keys.  I love it so much I am ordering another one today with a different pattern.  Thanks for taking the time to make a quality product and for caring about great customer service.
C. Thomas

I just want to say, it is great to have a leather belt that is actually leather, not some fake stuff from China.  This is why I ordered my 2nd one.  Regardless of cost, because you get what you pay for. Besides, being made in the USA makes it even better!  Thank you for the quality craftsmanship.
-George Fisher

Got my belt in today - PERFECT in every way!  Thanks.  I may be getting some of these for gifts and maybe another one for myself for dress wear.  Thanks for the great service and product.
Timothy Whitaker

I received my belt very quickly. It is every bit the belt you described. Your service & quality are excellent. Now I want to buy another belt just because I like this one so much (knowing full well this belt will outlast me!). I’m certain that my brother will have to get one when he sees mine. Thank you living up to the “Made in the USA” standard is supposed to be.
-Michael Seal


I received my belt and holster and I can say they are both freaking awesome. They will not be my last and I will pass on the good word.
-David Ralstin


The gun belt I ordered came in yesterday.  I was very excited to see that the belt lives up to the quality and sturdiness that you speak of.  The most exciting part was finding someone who actually makes a belt for us larger waist men, and not charge a fortune for it.  Thank you for keeping the prices of your belts in a range that I feel is pretty affordable for anyone.
-D. Cox


Just wanted to let you folks know that I like my new Bullhide belt so much, I just ordered another for dress wear. Top quality stuff! This belt will outlive me. I can't get over how thick and sturdy it is. Compared to the department store stuff, you can see the quality and workmanship put into it.
- Charlie Kline


I received both of my dress belts today one black, with silver buckle & one brown with brass buckle. I got the ones with the snaps to exchange to my own buckles, when the mood strikes, quick & easy no problems. The craftsmanship is perfect!
-Khalif Muhammad


Received the Bullhide Velcro belt on Friday and have worn it a full day.  Very comfortable and exceptional quality, I'll probably never purchase an off the rack belt again.  Great product.
-Charles Bryant


I just want to let you know I received my belts the other day and I was really impressed with the quality and workmanship. I will be ordering again... hopefully a smaller size... I am trying to loose a few inches from my belly. Thanks again, From a new loyal customer.
-John Trtek


Been wearing my Horse hide money belt for three days now. Fits perfectly, already contoured to me.  Great look, well made and finished perfectly.
-Jim Nelms


I received my belt on Saturday and I love it! I searched and searched for belts online and finally found you guys. The belt really gives me a sense of security when wearing my Ruger LC9. What a great product, thanks for the great workmanship and delivery as promised. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone in need of a AWESOME belt for carry or not.
-Jim Norris


Team Bullhide Belts, thank you for the first rate customer service and a special well done to Eric for his excellent communication attributes. His quick response to my queries regarding my order were very much appreciated. My order arrived today, in time for me to do a bit of a show and tell at my Harley Owners' Group (HOG) Chapter meeting tomorrow. What great workmanship and the ease to move around your website and find what you are looking for is spot-on. Again, well done and thank you!!!
-Howard Miller


Just received my belt, can't tell you how happy I am. Absolutely the finest belt I've ever had. I believe my search for the perfect gun belt for carry has ended! Can't wait to place my next order!
-Kevin Longeway


I received my belt yesterday and am extremely impressed with the quality!  Never again will I go anywhere else for a belt!  I just want to say Awesome!
-Brian Stine


After wearing one of your belts for a while, I decided I had to try out the holster as well! This has to be the most comfortable belt I have ever worn. The quality and craftsmanship are impeccable. Keep up the good work!
-Michael Jesse


This belt is the best I have ever held! It looks great, feels stout, and even smells great. Great job and thanks!
-Dustin D.

You guys are running a fantastic business with a terrific product! I just got my black shark-skin belt (anniversary present from my wife) and it's amazing!! As long as you are in business, I know where I'll be buying all my belts! And I've already ordered another one from you guys. Your quality & craftsmanship are well worth your prices. Customer for life,
-Jarrod Alberich

I got my bullhide leather belt last Friday.  I knew this belt was going to be amazing, and it is even better then expected.  It is very comfortable and holds everything I need to carry at work. Two co-workers are mostly likely going to order one for themselves. It's so good I just placed another order for the same belt in natural for everyday wear. Thanks to everyone involved in your company for making my belts!
-Marc S.

Great service, great product, great experience all the way around and my waist as well! Very pleased!
-John Orman

Just wanted to let you know the belt arrived the other day. Excellent work and quality, this will truly work as a gun belt, don't even know why you would want the extra stiffener?  It's great just this way.  I will be a return customer.
-Sgt. G.F.Oldziej

Thank you for your top tier leather belts. I just received my croc belt on Tuesday. In addition I have your king cobra and grey elephant. All fit exactly using your very simple method of sizing. So I've added your belts to my bison belt. That I think makes for a mighty fine collection to view and wear.
-David Olson

I have received my order in full and could not be more happy with each product. The belt is beautiful and every bit as sturdy as advertised. I have advertised for you among my fellow co-workers and several have expressed interest. Your products are great and I hope you get many more sales from my proud ownership.
-Alan England, Sergeant Major

This is the most expensive belt I have ever bought sight unseen. This is also the best belt I have ever owned. Just goes to prove the old adage: “you get what you pay for”. I am getting ready to order another belt very soon.
-Sammy Miller

I just got my Bullhide belt today.  I LOVE IT!  This is the best quality belt that I have ever had.  Thank you again for the wonderful craftsmanship that you have instilled in making it.  I am going to order another belt soon.  I had to go show it off to my sister and brother-in-law.  I will be back!
-T. Ennis

I received my elephant hide belt today, Friday June 1st after ordering it on Monday, which was Memorial Day. Amazing. Even more amazing is the belt. I was worried about buying something off the internet that I can't see in person or try it on to make sure it fits properly. The quality exceeded expectations and fits perfectly. It is comfortable and absolutely beautiful.
-Patrick Shields

I received my mechanic's belt yesterday. I thought I would let you know I am very pleased.  Good quality and a great look.  If I need belts in the future I'll be looking at Bullhide first.
-LeRoy Wilder

Got the belt and have been wearing it every day since it arrived. It matched up to my boots great. I will be wearing this one for years to come. Thanks for a great product. Never spent this much for a belt but it will be worth it.
-Tom Nelson

Just to let you know the belt I purchased from you is great. My previous belt was a Bianchi. Let me tell you night and day difference. I carry a 5.5 Redhawk and your belt handles it with ease, plus other gear on the belt. I will sure tell others and show them how good your belts are.
-Chris Singree

I just received 2 belts and a holster that I ordered from your company. Ordered on Sunday and arrived on Friday. Great service!  I was hesitant to spend over $60 on a belt but I have to say that these are the best belts I have seen at any price. Built like a tank, heavy all-metal hardware and a nice finish. I can see these lasting a lifetime. Worth every penny and  not only will I order more belts and holsters from your company, I am taking the belt and holster around to show all of my friends so expect some more orders from North Carolina.
-John Piper

I received my belt today.  Just want to let you know how absolutely pleased I am with it.  The quality and workmanship are excellent.  I am glad I found your site.  Thanks again.
-R. Louis

I realize, after having ordered an elephant hide gun belt from you, that I have found a manufacture that believes in old fashioned quality- the evidence is in the product. I will be ordering from you again- probably another gun belt.
-Michael Tate

Just got my black western belt in today. I bought one in rich brown a couple of weeks ago and was so impressed that I decided to get another in black. The HIGH QUALITY and FAST SHIPPING is what keeps me coming back to Bullhide Belts. To order the belt, have it made and shipped to my door within a week is OUTSTANDING service. Thanks Bullhide Belts!
-Terry Northern

I just received my belt and I am extremely happy with this purchase.  It is everything that I hoped it would be.  I will be spreading the word about your great business.  And the shipping was extremely quick as well.
-Mitch Harmon

I received my belt on Monday and have been proudly wearing it all week. This is the best leather belt I've ever worn. Thanks for a great product made here in the U S A.
-David Hoadley

Got a plain edge smooth bullhide in 1.75". Carry a full size 1911 pistol on it and LOVE IT. Just started trying the Velcro stitched edge one I got, and I love it. Great craftsmanship, reasonable prices. True American value!
-Ira Chandler

I received my belt today. Absolutely perfect. Exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much.
-Jeremy Shear

GREAT BELTS!!!  They look good and should last forever.
-Bernard Kramer

Wow! I cannot believe it. This wonderful company turned out to be way better than I ever hoped or expected. After 7 long months waiting for an IWB holster, I needed a belt. As most guys know, a regular off the shelf dress or even work belt simply won't do. I was left with the unhappy option of waiting another 7 mos. for a good gun belt or find another solution. I found Bullhide Belts on the internet. After looking through their huge selection, I finally narrowed it down to a 1" stitched, rich brown belt. I got it in 3days - amazing! And it's MADE IN USA by Americans. Love it.
-Bob B.

I just received the belt today. It is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Thank you so much for doing such AMERICAN quality workmanship. I will hopefully have some friends who will order, also!
-Bob Barit

I just wanted to tell you how great your belts are. I ordered 2 to use as gun belts and they are great. I just ordered a 3rd today. These are built like tanks, but still comfortable, I would highly recommend them. Thanks for a great USA made product.
-Keith Barkhymer

I received  my order Thurs and just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with new belt. Very well made and I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear out of it. Great job.
-Dave W.

I ordered an indestructible belt a few months ago and am greatly satisfied, I work criminal investigations and have been looking for the perfect gun belt and have found it. I Love it!
-Juan L.

Received the belt today, it's better then I expected. The last belts I purchased was Ernie Hill years ago, yours are much better. Thanks, you made my day!
-Ed Woznica

WOW!  What can I say, this is the best gun belt I have ever owned.  Craftsmanship is outstanding.  Holds my CCW without any sag what so ever.  I will be telling everyone I know about your products.
-Brian Johnson

I received my money belt today. If all your products are like this be proud of what you do. You will be getting orders from me in the future and I will spread the word.
-William Phaneuf

I received my belt last week. I was impressed with the thickness and the flexibility of the top grain leather. Also love the brass hook on this particular belt. Well worth the money spent! Thank you for an affordable, high quality leather product made in the USA by Americans!!
-Tim Dittmar

Just received my new belt, at age 65 I have purchased many belts from some of the finest holster makers in the country I have to say this is bar none the finest belt I have ever had on.
-Gardner Jones

Received my belt yesterday and all I can say is WOW!!! I will purchase additional belts in the future.


I ordered a size 44 Velcro bullhide belt from you folks last week and after placing the order I was kept informed as to the status of the belt from receiving the order, making of it and shipping of it. I got an email Saturday stating that it had been shipped and received it Monday. The belt was beautiful and fit perfectly. Quality is top notch. I wore it all day Monday and carried a Springfield Armory Government 1911 .45 including 2 full magazines for the pistol on it all day. This is the first belt that I have ever owned that my pistol didn't sag on my hip or pull down my pants. The Velcro belt stayed secured where I put it and with no buckle I didn't get those buckle marks jabbing into my very experienced belly if ya know what I mean. I will be ordering another belt soon and will most definitely recommend your belts to all my friends. Thank you for making an American Belt and for a top Notch Product.  Hats off to all of you at Bullhide Belts.
-Charles Combs Jr.


I received my bullhide belt today and I have to tell you this is the best belt I have ever purchased!! The service was fast and I love the free shipping! Your prices are not the cheapest but worth every penny to me. I will recommend to all my friends.
-Greg W.


Hello, I just received a crocodile belt and wanted to take a second to tell you how much I love the belt. I have never seen anything like it. It is simply gorgeous! Thanks!
-Larry Blasingame


I just received , my new belts yesterday and I couldn't be any happier. I see why you take pride in your products, and you should because you have a first class product. Both workmanship and material. Thank You very much and if I ever want another belt, I will definitively buy for you again.
-Daniel Bowen


Thanks again for offering such great products. I recently ordered another belt and one of the new slide holsters. I already knew I would love the belt and the holster is a great companion for it. The holsters are top quality just like your other products and I will be recommending them to my concealed carry students, friends, and relatives.
-Lorne K.


I am very happy with the product.  The $40 Chinese belt I bought only lasted 1 year before ripping.  This $70 belt seems that it would last 10 times longer at less than twice the price.  God bless American workmanship.
-Mike Mansueto


I was looking for a good leather belt as a gun belt and wanted to tell you after receiving my belt several months ago it is perfect. The belt is thick and sturdy just what I was looking for. I Love This Belt, I have recommended your place ever since and plan on getting more items because your products are of top quality. Thank you and the people that make the belts for a job well done and made in the USA.
-John Firanzi Jr.


We received this belt and it is the best quality belt my husband has ever owned.  The craftsmanship is amazing.  He is so excited.  Thank you so much for being American and we will support you as you continue this great business!
-Leah Davis


I received my belt today and I am Very Pleased. Thank you very much for a great product and fast service.

-Terry Christine

I received my belt on time and I am impressed with the workmanship.  The belt works great with my nylon .357 holster and Blackhawk SERPA holster for my 1911.  I liked the website.  It was well organized and easy to navigate.  I appreciate the Made in the USA product and will certainly be a repeat customer.
-Mark Larsen

It is unbelievable how the belt sustains my .45 ACP 1911 all day carry. First time I am not worry of my holster showing. By far the best products in their class. I will buy another for my US Marine son when he returns from Afghanistan.
-Fernando Vargas

I just wanted to let you know I just received my belt (my second one from yours) today; and also wanted to say thank you again for another beautiful and exceptional quality belt.  Also, I really love your roller buckle, it's one of a kind buckle, truly unique.
-Nam Nguyen

I just received my order, a Natural Double Prong Smooth Edge Bullhide Belt.  I am very impressed.  I bought the belt for my .44 Magnum Ranch Hand Pistol Holster. I put the two together and tried them on, the belt held up the holster, loaded pistol, and 20 rounds of ammunition securely and with no sag.  I have never run across a belt as well made as yours and the fact that it is American built makes it even better.  Im looking forward to doing future business with Yall.
-Will Rash

Just got your holster for large guns today and I can't say how pleased I am.  One holster for at least ten different guns and a holster that is tougher than nails and good looking to boot.  Best value on the internet for a gun holster that will do many jobs.
-Mike Scott

My belt arrived today and all I can say is wow.  Great quality and craftsmanship.  I will definitely be spreading the word and purchasing another myself.  Thanks for your help in the sizing department.  Great American product.  I already know it is going to be the best belt I have ever owned and I am 51.  Beats all the Mexican and Chinese crap that floods our markets.
-Paul Olson

I received my order, great belt, quality and craftsmanship are exceptional. I will be ordering again. Thanks for making an American Product.
-Robert Matthews

Five days to receive the belts I ordered, just as you promised. I was very worried about ordering without being able to see the quality of the belts/buckles, or how shiny the dress belts were, but I took a chance and ordered two belts ... A black stitched dress belt and a rich brown basket weave dress belt. The belts are better than expected! They have a light satin sheen, which I believe is perfect for dress and casual dress. They should also look good with jeans, once I switch the dress buckle with one of my jeans buckles. The quality of the leather/buckles is excellent, and they both look and feel much better than any of the leather belts that I own. And, they fit perfectly! You can add me to your list of loyal customers. And thanks for exceeding my expectations.
-Alan DiGrace

I received my Bull Hide 1-3/4 inch belt today. I will soon be 70 years old and this is the FIRST real belt that I have ever owned. This was my first time to do business with this company and they filled my order and shipped just like their advertisement states.
-Edward Briscoe

I wanted an epic belt to go with a new buckle I purchased but all of the belts in the "Western" store came from China. A quick search online lead me to Bullhide Belts. I ordered a plain, unadorned black belt in cowhide, 1-3/4 inch wide and 1/4 thick. When I received it I was immediately impressed with quality. I was able to order a belt exactly the way I wanted it and couldn't be happier. I was skeptical about the sizing recommendation (add 4 to the waist size of your pants) but I followed the guidance and it is spot on. Perfect fit. I measured my belt loops to make sure the extra width would work. I didn't however count on the additional thickness not fitting through the buckle. I made it work nicely but worth considering. I now have an epic belt that would double easily as a pistol belt. It is that solid.
-Jean Primeau

I received the belt today. WOW! Appears to be really great quality and should last as long as I do, longer most likely. Thanks for going the extra mile for me. I sure will keep your products in mind, whether for myself or as a gift.
-George Marvin

Received the belt today.  All I have to say is, "Whoa" what a belt, I am seriously impressed.  And that's "No Bull".
-Thomas Davis

Got my belt today...didn't know I would get the whole cow!! Thanks for the great belt. Look forward to doing business again.
-Steve Davis

WOW! I am very pleased. This is the best money I have spent in a long time. American made too.
-Benjamin Wood

Love doing business with a USA company. YOU SURE DO ORDERS FAST.
-Henry Bonnstetter

I received my belt and I just want to say I appreciate well built things. You have a customer for life and I'm telling everyone I know where I got it.
-Robert Phenicie

I received my belt and all I have to say is wow its unreal thank you!
-Charles Murr

I simply needed you to know that I love my belts. Your quality is very good, the fit, dead on and the look terrific. I've identified a number of other belts I'd like to have but I must save up a bit before I place another order.
-Spike Pearson

I received your basic bull hide dog collar last week and both my dog and I love it--the suede lining extra I ordered is soft and nowhere as bulky as some of the other padded collars. This is an extremely well built, quality collar, not to mention very handsome at a very reasonable price for what you get. Also, the customer service is excellent. Thanks for a great product!
-Jim Jenkins

Received my order. Very satisfied with the product, in fact the belt is the finest belt I have ever owned. Shipping was super fast. Will be ordering again, next time I think I will give horse hide a try. Thank You, keep up the good work.
-Don Moorehouse

I ordered the SuperBio Indestructable Belt, and it arrived yesterday. Your sizing instructions were correct. The belt fits perfectly. This is one sturdy belt, and I am impressed with the quality. I'm glad it looks like leather. I was a little skeptical about whether it would look like plastic or leather. I've bookmarked your website. I'll be shopping here again for sure.
-Jamie Nunnery

My belt arrived today and you are hearing from one very pleased customer! The belt is absolutely beautiful and bespeaks quality in material and craftsmanship. I feel that I have received genuine value for my money! I will be ordering again in the near future.
-Kevin Carr

I was needing a belt and looked for one yesterday. While looking I thought about how they use to make them when I was young. And I could not buy another cheap foreign made worthless piece of garbage wont last kind of belt. We have no other choice in most of Americas stores these days as they have all sold us out to lower wage's over seas competitors. I saw your ad and love to help my own and from what I read, This is what I have been looking for. I would rather pay more as this is a good chunk of change for a belt but it may be the only one I will ever have to buy again if your word is true and I think it is. Thank you for your product and I will try to help you if I can to drum you up some more business. Just take care of your American workers. 
-Rick Kelly

I recently purchased two belts from your company, your service was brilliant , the belts have to be seen to be believed. The quality is superb. I will definitely recommend this product to all my friends. Thank You.
-Roger Evans

Just received my belt, awesome product. Its nice to see this kind of quality is still out there.
-Thomas Franks

I gave my husband two leather dress money belts for Christmas. He loves them. They fit so comfortably, look great and are exceptionally well made. Thanks, Bullhide!
-Patricia Hamilton

I am very impressed with the construction and craftsmanship of my belt. It just goes to show you that the quality of products that are made in the U.S.A. are far superior.  I would definitely refer Bullhide Belts to my family and friends.
-Mike Kominske

Just got back from the shot show & received the belt. Fit is perfect and workmanship is quality. I will purchase more in the future and recommend to friends and family.
-Jim Mitchell

I just received my new belt today and I had to email you and tell you that it is the finest belt I've ever owned!!! It is built like tank and the fit is superb!
-William Curry

Thank you!  This is the nicest belt I have ever owned.  It was custom-made in a day and shipped extremely fast for free.  I know this belt is going to keep me happy for years.  I plan to buy a Bullhide belt for each of my children now.
-Matt Anderson

This is the only belt I will ever wear as a holster belt again. Made in the USA! I will be buying more soon!
-Ray Davenport

Belt received in good condition. Beautiful work! Very comfortable and attractive!
-George Olive

I recently received my belt. This is the best belt I have ever owned. The workmanship is excellent. I purchased this belt to help support a holster for a full sized handgun. This belt holds my holster close to my body and does not sag our roll. I was apprehensive spending the money for a belt, but it was worth it. I will be ordering another one soon in brown.
-Tom Maryland

Wow, I open the box and pull the belt out and it looked like it could pull a tank . The fit and finish is great . Will I buy again ? Yes ! If you need a very great belt this is it. And it is made here in the USA!
-Sheri Jankowiak

I wanted to take the time to "Thank you" for not only a very acceptable delivery time from the time of order to receiving, but also for the wonderful quality and workmanship in the belt that my husband got from you. I was suppose to give him the belt in February, but I was too excited and had to give him the day of delivery today. He loved the wildlife belt, the quality, the workmanship and best of all it was made in the USA. Yeah!
-Marie Cramer

Just want to say Thank you.  I was so happy the belt came before X-Mas, and my husband loves it!  Its perfect.
-Janice Cacioli

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